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slow. down. and. walk.

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March 2014

Monday I woke up with less than 5 hours sleep, again. Tuesday four people told me I looked terrible. Wednesday I overslept and missed 3 meetings. Thursday I went to get lunch and could not remember how I got to the office that morning. Today is Friday.

I love what I am doing. But I have been having weeks like this more and more frequently. My conclusion is that I am over inspired. I am so excited about things I do, people I meet, new things I learn and see that I am in a continual state of adrenalin. The downside, I can’t sleep.

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Wall of Memories

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Since March 2014 I have been an modern-day nomad in Amsterdam and around. Working and traveling when I can without having a house to come back to. On average I move about every 2-3 months within the city with exploration breaks as much as I can afford. The freedom of not having a house weighs more heavily than the stress it causes when having to look for a new place.
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Hello World, Let’s Do Something

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My first post, the classic ‘hello world’.

So why this blog? I needed to “Do Something”. Quitting my job in October 2014, I had no real plan, except that I knew that I wanted to create something meaningful and have a positive impact on ‘something or someone’. I say ‘something or someone’ because really it could be anything, I just don’t know. I gave myself a year to explore my next direction.

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