"On the other side of fear, lies freedom."

− Unknown


I was 28, had a MSc Business Administration in my pocket, 5 years of work experience in university program management and corporate IT project management, and was on the right path for my next career move.  Only problem was, I was completely uninspired.  I needed to do something radically different. What that would be I was not sure, but I was sure that if I did not try now I would stay stuck in a place where part of me was never really alive.
So I quit my job without a real plan and gave myself a year to explore my next direction. I want to live and work on things with passion, energy and an open heart. I want to create something that matters, build something beautiful. To keep track of what I am doing and my lessons learned as I experiment with different things, this blog was born.


There are many things I don’t know. Most things I don’t know. But I will start my journey with the things that I do know.
I love to walk, I love to cook and share meals with others, I love to connect to people and hear their stories, I love to travel to secluded places, I love craftsmanship and intricate details, I love coffee with milk in the morning, I love red wine and olives in the afternoon, I love to send postcards, I love to be on the move, and did I mention I love to walk?
This blog will is a reminder to myself to slow down, to think, to enjoy, to walk. To turn that what I love into something meaningful that I can share and contribute to world. I started my year with a trip to the Himalaya’s and I will finish the year with a trip to the Himalaya’s. Stay tuned for my learnings and stories of the people I meet along the way.

"Do what you love. And do a lot of it."

− Marc Jacobs

"The best way of learning about anything, is by doing."

− Richard Branson