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YTT Week 2: Mind Management

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I have added numerous words to my vocabulary over the past two weeks; nadi, prana, asana, pranayama, nidra, kaphali bahti, bahstrikha, DSP, yugah, kosha….and many, many more. Yoga Teacher Training has been an truly interesting and eye-opening experience to say the least. What I have come to know, is that my view of yoga was quite incomplete and that after two weeks of 15 hour days, I know that I know nothing and yet already every thing (darshanam).

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YTT Week 1: A Crime to Dream Small

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“It is a crime to dream small”, these are words spoken by one of my teachers the first week of Yoga Teacher Training in Pokhara. It resonates with me as I come to see more and more that I sell myself short by not daring to truly dream, or believe in the possibilities. I am working on it, this whole year has been all about seeing new possibilities and daring to dream, but it is funny that even now, I am careful. I don’t want to create too many ripples. What if it doesn’t work out? What if it is not what I want? What if… what if…. It all comes down to fear. Fear of not knowing, fear of missing out.

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Off to Nepal!

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August 2015

I would not have imagined it any other way, me trying to organize as much as I can last minute… ;). I was so inspired by my trip to Nepal last year, that I will be heading there again. I am flying in a few hours and this time staying 11 weeks. A beautiful time for some yoga, lots walking, new ideas and encounters.

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Speed up and Drive

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Passed my motorcycle exam today!

On December 30th last year I flew back to Amsterdam after a wonderful 7 week hiking & exploring visit to Nepal. On December 31st I picked up a travel magazine and read an article about a man who had driven his motorcycle from Amsterdam to Kathmandu. All I could think was; “That’s what I want to do next”. I booked my test drive on January 2nd. When you want something, you have to go for it. No postponing.

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Goulash: music, motorcycles & rakija

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July 2015

There are specific moments when I slow down, and realize how incredibly lucky I am. Arriving in Pula for Goulash Disko was one of them. After a workday, I went straight to the airport and flew to Pula where I hopped in a cab and drove to the small coast town of Stinjan. Within 15 minutes of arriving at the apartment, I was at the dinner table with old friends; Iva, Lina and Paulina enjoying a glass of wine and a home-cooked meal (thanks Lina!). This moment when I looked around the table and see friends who drove across Croatia on their motorcycle (Iva), flew in from Paris (Lina) and Barcelona (Paulina) and we raise a glass as if we were together last week, I feel like all I need is all that I already have.

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slow. down. and. walk.

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March 2014

Monday I woke up with less than 5 hours sleep, again. Tuesday four people told me I looked terrible. Wednesday I overslept and missed 3 meetings. Thursday I went to get lunch and could not remember how I got to the office that morning. Today is Friday.

I love what I am doing. But I have been having weeks like this more and more frequently. My conclusion is that I am over inspired. I am so excited about things I do, people I meet, new things I learn and see that I am in a continual state of adrenalin. The downside, I can’t sleep.

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Wall of Memories

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Since March 2014 I have been an modern-day nomad in Amsterdam and around. Working and traveling when I can without having a house to come back to. On average I move about every 2-3 months within the city with exploration breaks as much as I can afford. The freedom of not having a house weighs more heavily than the stress it causes when having to look for a new place.
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Hello World, Let’s Do Something

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My first post, the classic ‘hello world’.

So why this blog? I needed to “Do Something”. Quitting my job in October 2014, I had no real plan, except that I knew that I wanted to create something meaningful and have a positive impact on ‘something or someone’. I say ‘something or someone’ because really it could be anything, I just don’t know. I gave myself a year to explore my next direction.

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