Awesome Nepal: €1000 to Kickstart an Aspiring Entrepreneur

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Raksi is a great for a brainstorm, and walking is a good remedy for indecision. Like many things, my answer to yesterday’s open ends – keep it simple. And with that keep it close to my heart, use what I already have and know. So here it is…

At the heart of it all, I hoped to enable at least one entrepreneur. Inspired by Awesome Amsterdam, who grant €1000 each month to an awesome idea to make Amsterdam more Awesome (started by the fellows from Tosti Creative, colleagues at Aimforthemoon). With the collected money, €1000 will be granted to kickstart an aspiring entrepreneur! With the €1030,13 raised so far, that means one person can already get started.

Dipesh’s Coffee Stand

Dipesh Rana (18), one of the boys at Sanu Lake (see also: Live a Happy Life), wants to start a coffee stand. Something that he can expand on, learn from and become independent. In the sense of keeping things close to what you know, and who you know this sounds like a great opportunity. Rajan and Reeta, both successful entrepreneurs, have agreed to supervise and guide him, an important element of any startup. I will stay in close contact with Rajan and Reeta to see how Dipesh’s business develops, and with that keep you updated as well.

What does this grant create

  • support to an aspiring entrepreneur: Dipesh Rana
  • support local farmers: coffee beans, grown across the lake
  • support local craftsmanship: employment to build a small coffee stand
  • support local economy: coffee machine
  • an example for others in the community
  • an opportunity for learning & earning

Want to help out? You still can!

So we have one idea down and are €30,13 into helping a next aspiring entrepreneur. Contributions are welcome at:

M. Buseman, NL79RABO3284366350, Reference ‘Awesome Nepal’.

Free Coffee

When the coffee stand is up and running, there is free coffee for all those who donated. You will have to come to Begnas Lake, but from experience it is one of the best places to drink coffee ;).

More soon…!

  • Postcard: Luxembourg City – June 2014 – Champagne weekend with Hink & Alex. Making decisions and moving forward is always worth a toast, in this case too!
  • Picture 1: Begnas Lake – November 2015 – Working hard in my new office 😉
  • Picture 2: Begnas Lake – November 2015 – Meet Dipesh, aspiring entrepreneur

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    Wouw Margriet, what a great website. Beautiful pictures and inspiring story’s!
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