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July 2015

There are specific moments when I slow down, and realize how incredibly lucky I am. Arriving in Pula for Goulash Disko was one of them. After a workday, I went straight to the airport and flew to Pula where I hopped in a cab and drove to the small coast town of Stinjan. Within 15 minutes of arriving at the apartment, I was at the dinner table with old friends; Iva, Lina and Paulina enjoying a glass of wine and a home-cooked meal (thanks Lina!). This moment when I looked around the table and see friends who drove across Croatia on their motorcycle (Iva), flew in from Paris (Lina) and Barcelona (Paulina) and we raise a glass as if we were together last week, I feel like all I need is all that I already have.

After an easy night and warm welcome, chaos happened. I was prepared for it, so no surprises. The best past about chaos, is that I realise that enjoy turning it into structure. And since I wanted to take this year, try new things and see where it takes me, I am happy to be working in 40 degrees, at an old fort and managing a festival. The vibes, the music, the crew and 2000+ visitors over 4 days it was a great experience. Give me 150 artists who are arriving, a team of 7 great people and we will get it done. And that is what it is all about, enjoying the experiences you have and being there in that moment.

Problem: my flight leaves in 6 hours, the last morning of the Festival, and I do not want to leave. Solution: don’t get on the plane and book a new flight. Interesting insight: stop planning things too tightly. Because I had so many things going on in Amsterdam, I decided just to come for the festival to work and leave the last day. But cramming everything into a full agenda, leaves no room for spontaneity or relaxation. Both of which I value very much. Lesson learned, take holidays after working in a foreign place ;).

Me: Iva, what are your plans the next few days?
Iva: None. I could go back to Zagreb but don’t really want to.
Me: You mind if I say a few extra days and explore the coast?
Iva: Ah that would be cool. We’ll have an old school gypsy adventure.
Me: I think it is time for a shot of Rakija.
Iva: It is always time for Rakija.

And that was it. I booked a ticket for 5 days later. Iva and I set off on her motorcycle with one change of clothes, one sleeping bag and one yoga mat. Best decision I could have made: sleeping under the stars at the beaches of Kaminjak, relaxing at Safari Bar (the best playground for adults!), midnight swims with fluorescent plankton, driving the istrian roads, waterskiing in Porec, eating freshly grilled calamaris, exploring Rovinj, drinking cherry rakija from a local brewery in Motovun, seeing friends, … all in all, an unplanned and great adventure!


A special thanks to: Iva, for simply being so amazing and sharing your motorcycle with me. More Goulash and motorcycle adventures ahead! Robert, for putting up with my chaotic change of plans and being a cat-savior.

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