Live a Happy Life

I came to Begnas Lake to reflect the intense yoga month. To sit, to think, to relax. Although just 17 kilometers from Pokhara it takes me 3 1/2 hours to get here. Because of the fuel shortage, there are less busses running, and the busses that run are full. Very full. After waiting for 45 minutes for my second bus out of Pokhara (the first one was so full I could hardly breath), I finally get an answer to my question “where can I get the bus to Begnas Tal?”, “Ahh no no, chinaa – no buses to Begnas Tal today”.

Someone pulls my arm and points to the roof of the next bus “La, La, ahjur, no Begnas but highway drop and walk, 100 rupees”. So up I go, bags and all, thankful for my yoga fitness and flexibility because it’s quite a climb. There I sit, overpaying for a seat on top of the bus, but very thankful for the airconditioned ride! A hard slap on the side of the bus and it stops at the intersection to Begnas. I walk the last 5ish kilometers to the lake and decide to stay one night in Piple Hill, a small fishing village. I want to go across the lake to peaceful Majikuna (I had been told) but another hour hike uphill with all my bags and evening approaching does not feel like a good plan. Walking around the corner of a little outlet, I come to Sanu Lake, a quaint hotel/guesthouse. This looks like a good place to stay a night.

That was four days ago.

I am in love. The place is simple but beautiful and what makes it even more memorable are the owners and staff; Rajan, Reeta, Dipesh and Dilip. Sometimes you hear stories of people living the life they envision while doing good for the world, and the people at Sanu Lake do. Rajan, the owner, captivates me with his stories and I catch myself pondering my life as well. He mantra, “all I want is a simple life and be happy”.

When Rajan was 6 years old, his father was murdered for the properties he owned. This is why he wants to keep life simple, too many possessions can lead to pain. When his mother was unable to care for him, Rajan was left at an orphanage, where he grew-up. He says he was lucky that he got a new chance in life, learning skills from the orphanage and so an opportunity to pay himself through school in Singapore. In his words, he landed on his feet instead of on the street. Because of his own experience, he employs troubled and less fortunate youths at the hotel. Giving them work experience, guidance to develop, a place to live and a new chance.

Being here a few days, I am time and time overwhelmed by the warmth and the community that Rajan and Reeta have created. This is a perfect place to be and reflect on yoga and ponder new beginnings.

“All I want is to be happy and with my happiness make other people happy. Life is simple.” -Rajan


  • Postcard: Amsterdam – July 2012 – “These problems could create a lot of solutions”, postcard from the Amsterdam Sunday Market, always liked this outlook :)
  • Picture 1: En route to Begnas Lake – October 2015 – Traveling in style, on top of the bus
  • Picture 2: Begnas Lake – October 2015 – Sunshine after rain


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