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August 2015

I would not have imagined it any other way, me trying to organize as much as I can last minute… ;). I was so inspired by my trip to Nepal last year, that I will be heading there again. I am flying in a few hours and this time staying 11 weeks. A beautiful time for some yoga, lots walking, new ideas and encounters.

Last year, I fell in love with the mountains (ohhhhh hiking paradise!), was inspired by the local craftsmanship in villages (the beautiful textiles, papers & jewellery) and surprised by the genuine connections to the people (warm, resilient & funny). Returning to Nepal, many people have asked me if I will be helping ‘rebuild’ Nepal after the earthquakes and if there was something they could do(nate) that I could bring with me. I have struggled with this question, not because there is nothing that I want to do or can do, but because I don’t think that ‘just’ donating money is the answer (or sustainable). Plus to be honest, I would not know where to start. The foreign aid in Nepal is tremendous but much of the money does not reach the places that it should, and it is often more than money what is actually needed. Don’t get me wrong, I do think that directed financial aid can be of great help, it just needs to be directed at an underlying local question/need. A question to which at the moment I do not have the answer.

So I have decided to keep it close to myself, go without a plan and see what I encounter when I am there to get a true feel for what people need instead of me thinking for them and fill in what I might think they need. Ideally, I will be seeking out local entrepreneurs who, with a little help, can make a big difference in their communities. I have been lucky enough to have contacts from my previous trip and also made new connections over the past months with Nepali sustainable businesses and startups. Through this network I am sure that I will find a meaningful destination.

The plan is to raise money in the month of September while I am Pokhara. I will be there for a month of yoga and will also use this time to get a better feel what is going on, where the needs are and what I can do. I will be keeping track of my trip through this blog, so that you will know what is going on and where the contributions go.

If you would like to contribute, please do so at:
M. Buseman, NL79RABO3284366350 and reference ‘Awesome Nepal’.
Any questions, ideas, or contacts? Do let me know!

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