slow. down. and. walk.

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March 2014

Monday I woke up with less than 5 hours sleep, again. Tuesday four people told me I looked terrible. Wednesday I overslept and missed 3 meetings. Thursday I went to get lunch and could not remember how I got to the office that morning. Today is Friday.

I love what I am doing. But I have been having weeks like this more and more frequently. My conclusion is that I am over inspired. I am so excited about things I do, people I meet, new things I learn and see that I am in a continual state of adrenalin. The downside, I can’t sleep.

This brings me to:

Challenge # 4: Wanting more. About 2 months ago I was talking to a friend about what I wanted in life. I said I wanted “more”. “More of what?” he asked. “More of everything”, I had responded. More freedom, more happiness, more impact, more direction, more meaning, more traveling, more more more. He cocked his head and smiled mockingly. Solution: Do more. I started picking up one thing, then the next and next. Before I knew it was back in my old state is ‘doing’. Currently I think I am involved in about 15 projects/initiatives/plans in one way or another. Most of which are all new to me so require quite some focus. Interesting insight: ‘Doing’ is not the issue. Non-doing is actually the challenge. This week was again a reminder to myself to slowdownandwalk. Being patient in times of uncertainty takes strength and if I only keep running all I end up doing is having to catch my breath (and catch up on sleep).

I realize that this blog goes somewhat against my first post “Hello world, Let’s Do Something”. But that’s life isn’t it. Wanting to do one thing and doing the exact opposite (x10). I suppose we wouldn’t learn much if it was all straight forward. And so I am off to Barcelona early tomorrow morning for Goulash Disko Festival planning. I never said work was bad, I just said it is a lot ;).

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