Wall of Memories

Since March 2014 I have been an modern-day nomad in Amsterdam and around. Working and traveling when I can without having a house to come back to. On average I move about every 2-3 months within the city with exploration breaks as much as I can afford. The freedom of not having a house weighs more heavily than the stress it causes when having to look for a new place.
I have gotten used to moving from place to place, surrounded by other people’s things, and honestly it’s quite comforting knowing that I can pick up and leave at any moment and re-locate with little ado. A home is where the heart is and turns out I do not need much to feel at home, least of all ‘things’. What I do miss however, are personal artifacts, reminders of my travels and experiences. Basically I am nostalgic and sometimes miss the comfort of looking at these tokens of memories.
When I briefly lived in Barcelona (2007) I started to buy postcards that made me happy. By the time I left I had a collage on my wall of about 10 cards, all ‘art pieces’ that made me happy to look at and brighten up my temporary home. Since this time whenever I travel I pick up a postcard or two of something that inspires me. I have kept them over the years, sometimes looking at them and thinking “one day when I have my own house, I will make a huge wall of memories. A collage of framed memory cards.”
But as my actions over the past year+ have proven, it looks like I will not have a house anytime soon. And I don’t mind, but I do miss having those ‘memory cards’. Something of a reminder of where I have been and the beautiful places I have seen.  So why not make my wall digital, something that I can take with me everywhere instead of having them stashed in boxes? Born was the memory wall, a place to come back to whenever I want, wherever I am. My own traveling home.
  • Postcard: Alaska – May 2013 – visting mom & dad, who gave me nomadic roots

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