YTT Week 2: Mind Management

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I have added numerous words to my vocabulary over the past two weeks; nadi, prana, asana, pranayama, nidra, kaphali bahti, bahstrikha, DSP, yugah, kosha….and many, many more. Yoga Teacher Training has been an truly interesting and eye-opening experience to say the least. What I have come to know, is that my view of yoga was quite incomplete and that after two weeks of 15 hour days, I know that I know nothing and yet already every thing (darshanam).

One of the questions I have struggled with for a while is, “what is spirituality”? It seems that this is such a ‘laden’ word in western society. But is spirituality not more then being in touch with your own spirit? Where your spirit is you. Your true self. No floaty and airy philosophies, down to earth common sense, spirituality is (your own) mind management. Now, how to manage your mind? That is a whole other story and journey…

You may control a mad elephant, 
You may shut the mouth of a bear & the tiger, 
Ride the lion & play with the cobra, 
By alchemy you may earn your livelihood,
You may wander through the universe incognito, 
Make vassals of the gods, 
Be ever youthful, 
You may walk on fire and live in fire, 
But control of the mind is better & more difficult.
– Thayumanavar


Our parents, our teachers and society teaches us how to survive in the external world. But you must learn yourself how to survive in your internal world. I have come to see that this is where the practice of yoga comes in handy. Ready for week 3 ;).
  • Postcard: Pokhara – September 2015 – Om, a symbol of my past two weeks at YTT
  • Image: Pokhara – September 2015 – all smiles at YYT. Never sat cross legged for so many hours a day in my life ;).

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