YTT Week 3: Oops, I did it again

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Accepting limits (and respecting red flags) was my lesson this week. I like a challenge, and in that a little pain is often part of this. The pain reminds me that I am learning. But then there is pain and PAIN. Knowing the difference and respecting it, is maturity. I tend not to be so mature in this sense and push myself over the edge. With the result that I am left in a place where I need time to recover and thereby miss out on the process I so desperately want to experience.

Two weeks of daily intense new yoga classes where taking a toll. My lower back hurts, something that has been the same for years when I over exert. My typical solution – ignore and continue. So I do the same. Difference is, normally I can ignore the pain because I am sitting behind a computer. This time I am moving constantly and a few minute hold in utitha trikon asana (extended triangle pose) was the limit. The result – a pinched nerve in my back.  Not fun, moreover you can’t do anything about it except rest. So there I am flat back on the floor, legs bent on a chair for 2 days – the only way I can get pain relief. Resting.

This time it was physical injury, but if I am honest with myself – how often do I not do this mentally/emotionally? Taking on too much, committing to things that are not true to myself, working too many hours, etc? Bedrest makes you think and listen to yourself. And I should do that more often, listening to myself (without the bedrest next time).

On a happy note, I finally understand where my back pain all these years has been coming from – tight hip-flexors (which till this week did not know existed). Stopping to explore the cause of a pain enables you to fix it (duhhh). Why suffer unnecessarily? If my new poses and stretches solve by back pain – then the YTT has already paid off. But even more thankful I am for the slap in my face letting me to stop being stupid.

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