YTT Week 4: Be Fearless

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Yesterday I finished my 4 weeks of yoga teacher training! 200 hours worth of eye-opening classes leaving me physically fitter and mentally more aware. Going into the course I never really considered teaching as a possibility, just self-development. But now, coming out it feels like something worth looking into. Yoga, entrepreneurship and travel – quite an adventurous combination ;)?

Before teaching I do want to gain more experience and put one of the most valuable learnings into practice:

“Be fearless, live without limits.”

Now, that’s yoga. Can’t wait for what’s next.


  • Postcard: Koen – August 2015 – “Shine Bright Like a Diamond”, congratulation card from Koen for my new ‘I am no longer a nomad’ apartment. Fitting for yoga too… straight back, open heart and shine bright!
  • Picture 1: Pokhara – October 2015 – Following class from fellow yoga teacher Cassie
  • Picture 2: Pokhara – October 2015 – Proof of graduation! Thank you KaMing for sharing this with me…

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